Coffee Tables | Accent Tables

Coffee tables, also known as accent tables, are a style of low table designed to be paired with sofas. Typically used in living rooms, reception areas, and sitting rooms, coffee tables are used to hold books, magazines, drinks, small plants, and other decorative items. Coffee tables are designed with a large range of sizes, styles, materials, and storage options to pair with desired living room aesthetics and functions.

How tall should a coffee table be?

Coffee tables should be roughly the same height or 2” lower than the adjacent couch. Coffee tables vary by design from 10”-18” | 25-46 cm.

How long should a coffee table be?

The appropriate length of a coffee table should be sized at roughly two-thirds the length of the closest couch to provide for easier circulation. Coffee tables have a varied assortment of lengths from 30”-90” | 76-229 cm.

How much clearance should be provided around a coffee table?

A clearance zone of 24”-30” | 61-76 cm should be provided around the entire perimeter of a coffee table to for comfortable circulation and access.

Coffee Tables