Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture typically includes multiple types of seating, tables, and occasional recreational items to provide a lounge-like atmosphere. Living room furniture encompasses the second most commonly used furniture items in a house besides bedroom furniture, and is used by both guests and residents. Most living rooms include a sofa, accent chairs, floor lamps, and multiple tables for photos and household items such as side tables and coffee tables. Oftentimes, living room furniture is arranged into unique living room layouts including U-shape and L-Shape layouts.

How do you arrange living room furniture?

Arrange your living room furniture by designating a focal point in your living room like a fireplace or window. Arrange conversation areas with your furniture and create an intimate setting by placing furniture away from the walls and close to one another. Leave enough room for people to walk from one place to another as well as in and out of the living room.

How do you mix and match living room furniture?

Mix and match living room furniture by choosing colors of furniture and accessories that complement each other and go well with the aesthetic of your living room. If you already have some matching furniture in your living room you can add more by mixing it with other mismatched furniture. Create a cohesive space by layering styles and mismatched accessories.

How do you pick furniture for a living room?

Before choosing living room furniture consider the size of the space, members of your family, and amount of wear that your furniture will take. Start by measuring your space, and checking doorways to make sure your furniture can be moved through them. Furnish your living room by getting the basics, and implementing furniture pieces that are sturdy, and have high-quality stain-resistant fabrics.

Living Room Furniture

Drum Pouf - Wide
12” (13.5” with tray) | 30.5 cm (34 cm with tray)
3D model of the Drum Pouf Wide viewed in perspective
IKEA Sandared Pouffe
13”, 16.125”, 17.375” | 33, 41, 44 cm
3D model of the IKEA Sandared Pouffe viewed in perspective
Drum Pouf - High
15.75” (17.25” with tray) | 40 cm (45 cm with tray)
Perspective view of a 3D model of the Drum Pouf - High
IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables
18.125”, 18.875”, 19.625” | 46, 47.9, 49.8 cm
Perspective view of a 3D model of the IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables