Founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad at just seventeen years old, IKEA Furniture is the world’s largest furniture retailer providing a variety of goods from kitchen appliances to decorative accessories. The furniture is designed and sold as ready-to-assemble by the customer in an effort to reduce costs. In addition to maintaining a level of cost consciousness, IKEA Furniture places importance on the use of more sustainably sourced materials. IKEA Furniture is known for its modernist designs with an overall Scandinavian style and its unconventional store layout intended to encourage customers to see the entirety of the store through a winding, counter-clockwise path.

IKEA Furniture

IKEA Sandared Pouffe
13”, 16.125”, 17.375” | 33, 41, 44 cm
3D model of the IKEA Sandared Pouffe viewed in perspective
IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables
18.125”, 18.875”, 19.625” | 46, 47.9, 49.8 cm
Perspective view of a 3D model of the IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables