Armchairs are variations of common chairs, but are designed with fixed armrests and are often upholstered and cushioned. The inclusion of arms on a chair provide extra support for users to enter and exit the chair with greater ease. Popular variants of the armchair are the reclining chair with hidden mechanisms that allow the chair to fold-out, and the rocking chair with legs affixed to curved slats. Armchairs are often seen as essential furniture pieces for living rooms, lounges, reception areas, and larger bedrooms.

What is an armchair?

Armchairs are chairs designed with side structures that support the arms or elbows of the sitting person.

What furniture should be paired with an armchair?

Armchairs are often paired with a matching sofa and are often flanked by a side table.

How much clearance should be provided around an Armchair?

Clearances of 30” | 76.2 cm should be maintained around an armchair on any side that you must be able to walk around. 14”-18” | 35.6-45.7 cm should be provided between an armchair and a coffee table if one is to be used with an armchair.


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