Entryway | Mudroom Furniture

Entryway Furniture, also referred to as Mudroom Furniture, includes furniture for the storage of clothing items and other outdoor goods that need temporary placement before being used outdoors again or placed somewhere permanent. Most entryway furniture is designed for storage or temporary placement, and is usually meant to be utilized and cleaned often. Common entryway or mudroom furniture includes hall trees, console tables, benches, coat racks, and hat stands. Most entryway furniture is designed with a variety of materials meant for high use and commonly includes polished woods and metals.

What furniture do you put in an entryway?

Furniture that can be placed in an entryway are a table or shelf where keys and mail can be stored and sorted, a mirror, and a lighting fixture. Other entryway furniture is a bench for putting on shoes and a shoe rack.

How do you turn existing furniture into mudroom furniture?

Turning existing furniture into mudroom furniture is a simple process and can be done with a dresser. Start prepping the dresser by cleaning it, removing any hardware, and sanding the outer finish. Wipe off any residue and paint the dresser – applying a second coat if needed. Finish the project by customizing each drawer of the dresser by adding any labels or décor.

What should you store in entryway furniture?

Items that should be stored in entryway furniture include coats, shoes, as well as any outerwear. Scarves and coats can be stored on hooks, while shoes and gloves can be placed in cubbies. Other items that can be stored are purses, backpacks, dog leashes, hats, keys, mail, phones, and spare change.

Entryway Furniture