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Entertainment centers, also referred to as media centers, are furniture items used to simultaneously hold television sets and the large variety of related electronic components, devices, and media formats related to home entertainment. Most often found in residential living rooms, entertainment centers are large systems designed with a central open space for locating the television that is typically flanked with adjustable storage shelves and cabinets.

Unlike more minimal TV stands, entertainment centers are prominent furniture systems that can take up a large amount of horizontal and vertical space in the living room. Because of their size and prominence in the household, entertainment centers are often designed to be the focal point of a living room and usually include additional shelves for holding assorted home furnishings such as pottery, photographs, books, plants, and more.

How do you decorate an entertainment center?

Acting as both a piece of furniture for storage and for display, the entertainment center can hold movie collections, memorabilia, and various gaming equipment. It can also be decorated by stacking books if it consists of shelves or putting some between decorative bookends. Plants, photographs, baskets (can conceal media equipment) are other options that can be used to spruce up an entertainment center.

What is an entertainment center?

An entertainment center is a furniture piece intended to hold electronic components such as televisions, gaming systems, stereos, and speakers. It can act as a whole wall unit or media stand, with larger configurations being known as “home theater systems.”

How do you hide cords behind an entertainment center?

If the entertainment center does not have a hole for running cords through, drilling one and placing objects in front to conceal may be a good option. If hiding a power strip, mounting it on the wall behind and just below the entertainment center can eliminate grounder clutter without having space between the piece of furniture and the wall. There are also useful items such as cable tacks that hook to the back or cable trays that attach underneath (the entertainment center) that both organizes and hides cords.

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