Baby | Kids Furniture

Baby Furniture, or kids furniture, includes specialized furniture such as a crib and other items necessary for a baby or infant. Kids furniture is designed for safety and accessibility, allowing parents or guardians to ensure that a child is safe and well taken care of. Common furniture for babies and kids include rocking chairs, changing tables, playpens and toy chests, and cribs or cradles with the occasional mobile placed above. Commonly, baby furniture is designed out of soft woods, soft cloth, and without stains or toxic varnishes that could harm an infant.

How do you baby proof furniture?

Baby proof furniture in your home by securing top heavy furniture to the wall to keep it from being possibly tipped over. This can be done by installing furniture anchors, or L-brackets. Furniture anchors come in a wire form or strap. Stand-alone ovens should be secured closed, and TVs should be anchored even if the furniture is secured to the wall. Any furniture with sharp edges should be removed or equipped with stable foam edges to prevent injury.

What types of baby furniture do you need?

Baby furniture essentials include having somewhere for the baby to sleep, be changed, store belongings, and be fed. A bassinet or crib are both options for sleep while a sturdy dresser with mat can serve as changing station. A dresser can also offer storage solutions. An armchair or rocking chair both act as furniture to feed the baby.

How do you choose baby furniture?

Choosing baby furniture depends on your baby’s needs, your personal needs, and the space you have available. If you are moving through different spaces constantly you might need different versions of baby furniture throughout your home. When choosing furniture think about quality, how functional it is for both you and your baby, and how the furniture will be used in the long-term.

Baby | Kids Furniture