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TV stands, also referred to as TV consoles, are furniture items used to hold the television above the floor at a comfortable viewing height for a seated viewer. Typically used in residential living rooms, most TV stands provide additional storage options such as shelves and drawers for minimizing living room clutter. Many TV stands also include the option for having closed backs to any open shelves that can hide the assortment of wires needed by the television and other devices. Unlike larger media centers that occupy a much more significant amount of wall space, TV stands are more streamlined and minimal furniture items that can also hold the television. TV stands are available in a range of lengths and unique styles for each desired unique household aesthetic.

How do you hide wires behind a tv stand?

There are multiple strategies for hiding and consolidating wires behind a TV stand including bundling cords together, storing the power strip inside the stand, using a cable catch, and storing the wires within the wall. Many TV stands have compartments, trays, and integrated cord slots to hold accessories and simplify cord locations.

How do you correctly match a TV size with a TV stand?

When pairing a TV stand with a TV, the recommended maximum TV size for the TV stand should be a set at a maximum of 8” (20 cm) larger in the diagonal dimension than the overall width of the TV stand. A 30” (76 cm) TV stand should hold a maximum TV size of 38” (97 cm). A 65” (165 cm) TV stand should hold a maximum TV size of 73” (185 cm).

How tall should a TV stand be?

The center of the TV screen on a TV stand should be set at approximately 42” (107 cm) from the floor based on the most comfortable viewing height for a person sitting on a typical couch. When selecting a TV stand and/or TV size, always consider the height of the center point of the TV for the best viewing experience.

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TV Stands | Media Consoles