Televisions | TVs

Televisions, also referred to as TVs or television sets, are electronic devices that combine a video display and audio speakers for a simultaneous entertainment experience. Becoming a globally popular household item in the 1950s and 60s, televisions have the ability to be used to receive broadcast signals and also connect as a screen for other recorded media equipment such as VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, or video game consoles. Television technology has advanced over the last decades from early cathode ray tube (CRT) screens to modern flat TVs in the form of LCD or OLED displays. With the advent of streaming content providers and the growth of digital content, most television sets today are created as Smart TVs that integrate the internet directly into the television for instant access to your streamable music, videos, games, and photos.

When was television invented?

The first electronic television was invented in 1927. The model was created by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, who was only 21 at the time. His intent was to create a system that could capture moving images and move the images through radio waves to different devices. The first image transmitted by a television was a line. Early television systems only displayed black and white images.

How do you fix a television?

Fix a television that isn’t turning on by first unplugging everything on the TV and removing it from the stand it is on. Remove all the screws attached to the back casing and identify the power board. Remove the wiring harnesses from the circuit board and any screws holding the circuit board. Identify and replace bad capacitors. Finish by assembling the television back together.

What is an OLED television?

An OLED television has a screen type that is constructed differently than an LCD or LED screen. OLED means organic light emitting diode. The benefits of an OLED television are uniform lighting, enhanced contrast, quick refresh rate, wide color gamut, thin designs, as well as ocular guard technology. All OLED televisions have a 4K display and are HDR.