Laptops | Laptop Computers

A laptop is a portable computer with the capabilities and power of a desktop computer. Laptops are usually small and feature an LED or LCD display calibrated for both office and mobile use. With the advancement in technology, laptop computers, and their applications, have expanded beyond the workplace to include everyday usage in schools, hospitals, and many others. Unlike desktops, laptops have several uniquely designed input techniques: touchpad, pointing stick, and handwriting recognition. Like most technology, laptops have also changed their look, form, and function since the introduction of the first traditional laptops to today's hybrid touchscreen models—powered by new operating systems. The main uses of laptop computers are for learning, communication, storing, retrieving, and processing data and information.

How do you make a laptop faster?

Make your laptop faster by running a performance troubleshooter, deleting programs you never use, and limiting how many programs run at startup. Also clean up your laptop’s hard disk, run fewer programs at the same time, and turn off any visual effects. You can also try to restart your laptop regularly, add more memory, and check for viruses.

How do you clean a laptop screen?

When cleaning a laptop screen first use a soft lint free cloth to wipe it. Then slightly dampen a sponge or lint-free cloth with water. Wipe the monitor making sure not the get any excess liquid on or inside the monitor. After let the monitor dry entirely before closing the lid.

What is a 2 in 1 laptop?

A 2 in 1 laptop offers users versatility and more options, as it can be used as tablet or laptop. It is a laptop with a touch screen and tablet features, but it is also a tablet with a PC operating system, keyboard, and laptop features. 2 in 1 laptops are becoming increasingly popular.