A tablet is display-centric mini-computer device running a mobile or computer operating system that fills a range of functions shared between smartphones and computers. Tablets are flat and thin devices that feature a rechargeable battery and touchscreen display for processing and interacting with information. You will find tablets in everyday usage within the workspace, schools, and personal homes. Tablets have escalated in production since their launch in 2010 and now often include special pens for inputting data or information and native support for not only cellular functions but also computer applications.

How do you clean a tablet screen?

To clean a tablet screen use a soft, lint-free cloth like a microfiber cloth. Do not use a paper towel or other towels with a similar texture since they can leave scratches on the screen. If there is any food or ink on your screen try dampening a section of the microfiber cloth and gently wiping the screen.

Why is my tablet so slow?

A tablet can get slowed down by multiple running apps on your device, or if there are too many widgets running. If your tablet is slow double check that it is running the newer versions of Android and clear the app cache as sometimes it can collect too much data.

When did tablets come out?

The first tablet most similar to the ones that are currently in the market was released in 2000. It was introduced by Bill Gates through Microsoft. Microsoft is credited by some for creating the term ‘Tablet PC’ with the early devices it released. Tablets started gaining popularity in the 2010s.

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