Willoughby Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain - ADA

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Willoughby Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain (ADA) with height and diameter

The Willoughby Triple Outdoor Drinking fountain is appropriate for parks and recreational areas. It features 3 bowls at different levels for 3 users. In this configuration it can be used by a child and adult and fit ADA standards for both. The drinking fountain is made out of stainless steel and available Willoughby’s standard colors.

The Willoughby Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain (ADA) has an overall height of 42.5” (108 cm), width of 51” (129.5 cm), and depth of 11” (28 cm). Assuming correct installation above the finished surface, the Willoughby Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain (ADA) will meet ADA and Junior ADA compliance.


*Under Development*

42.5” | 108 cm
51” | 129.5 cm
11” | 28 cm
230 lb | 104.3 kg

https://dimensionsguide.s3.amazonaws.com/06-FIXTURES/WATER-DRINKING-FOUNTAINS/WILLOUGHBY-TRIPLE-OUTDOOR-DRINKING-FOUNTAIN-ADA/Dimensions-Guide-Fixtures-Water-Fountains-Drinking-Fountains-Willoughby-Triple-Outdoor-Drinking-Fountain-ADA.svgType: Free Standing

ADA Compliant: Yes (including Junior)

Stainless Steel


Drawings include:
Willoughby Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain (ADA) front elevation, side, plan


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Water fountains, or drinking fountains, are fixtures designed to provide users with on-demand access to potable water. Water fountains are comprised of a tap connected to a stream of water and a basin for collecting overflow. Drinking fountains are typically used in public places.