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Play is a range of voluntary activities done for the sake of of recreational pleasure and amusement. Though most common among children, playing is an activity for everyone—even your grandma! While there are many different kinds of play, playing usually requires an element of silliness, that is, not taking yourself too seriously, and often includes even a bit of imagination. You can play alone, with other people, with other animals, with toys, or with other objects. Sometimes play is entirely made-up, taking place in an imagined setting with made-up rules, and other times play is a little more structured and goal-oriented, as when one plays a board game or a card game. The only real important part is to have fun!

What is play?

Play is an activity that is done for recreational enjoyment and pleasure. While play is most often associated with children and juvenile-level activities, play can occur at any life stage and among other high-functioning animals- mostly mammals.

Why do children play?

Children play to discover more about the world around them. Playing is fun for children, as different things capture children’s interests and their imagination with no rules of right or wrong ways, or a prescribed end result. They are engaged and entertained by play.

Why is play important?

Play is important for a child’s emotional, social, and physical development. Through play children develop confidence and self-esteem, imagination and self-expression, physical skills, language and social skills, problem solving and creative thinking, and independence and emotional resilience.


Playing - Children Kicking Ball
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Children Playing - Kicking Ball elevation (detail), elevation (outline silhouettes)

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