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Jumping is a form of movement in which an organism propels themselves into an airborne state along a ballistic trajectory. Though one might run or walk leading up to a jump, a jump is characterized by the longer duration of the aerial phase and a higher angle of initial launch. Some species rely on jumping as a primary form of movement, such as the kangaroo, frog, or rabbit. Different classifications of jumps exist and are determined by the manner of foot transfer. For example, a traditional jump is defined as beginning and ending the movement on both feet, whereas a leap begins on one foot and ends on the opposite foot. Beginning and ending the movement on the same, single foot is considered a hop.

How many calories do jumping jacks burn?

The number of calories burned doing jumping jacks varies from person to person. According to MyFitnessPal, a person weighing 120 pounds can burn about eight calories a minute; while a person weighing 250 pounds can burn up to 16 calories a minute.

How do you stop a dog from jumping?

To stop a dog from jumping, delay the greeting until the dog is calm, and ignore the dog when he jumps. Getting down on the dog’s level and giving the dog something to put in its mouth can also help to prevent the dog from jumping.

Where did bungee jumping originate?

Dating back to the days of the Aztecs, Danza de los Voladores de Papantla (Papantla flyers), is a tradition of central Mexico that resembles bungee jumping. A similar practice is performed in the Pentecost Island in Vanuatu as an ancient ritual performed by young men as a passage into manhood.

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Jumping - Combination
Jumping - Combination
People Jumping - Combination
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Men and Women Jumping front elevation (detail), elevation (outline silhouette)

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