Series of dimensioned illustrations of the Amazon Scout

Amazon Scout is an autonomous delivery robot that delivers packages to customers from the e-commerce company, Amazon. Amazon Scout debuted to the public on January 23rd, 2019. It currently delivers packages in the United States, specifically in Snohomish County in Washington, Irvine in California, Atlanta in Georgia, and Franklin in Tennessee.

The Amazon Scout has 6 wheels and is able to effectively move on sidewalks at a walking speed. It uses a camera as well as sensors to plan an effective route, navigation, and improve service. The customer’s package is stored within the robot and is then driven to the customer’s delivery address.

The Amazon Scout has an estimated total length of 30” (76.2 cm), estimated width of 24” (61 cm), and estimated height of 29” (73.7 cm). Amazon Scouts weigh 100 lb (45 kg) and can carry a payload of 50 lb (23 kg). The maximum movement speed of the Amazon Scout is 15 mph (24 km/h).


*Under Development*

29” | 73.7 cm (Estimated)
24” | 61 cm (Estimated)
30” | 76.2 cm (Estimated)
100 lb | 45 kg

Max Payload: 50 lb | 23 kg

Max Speed: 15 mph | 24 km/h



Drawings include:
Amazon Scout side elevation, front, back, top, side (open)

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