TeleRetail Delivery Robot

Collection of scaled drawings of TeleRetail Delivery Robot with overall dimensions

The TeleRetail Delivery Robot is an autonomous delivery bot was created to become a ‘mobile car trunk’ assigned to deliver shopping bags or packages similar to a car. It was developed by TeleRetail and first made its debut in the United States in January of 2018.

It currently provides services in Europe and North America. The TeleRetail Delivery Robot does not cause traffic jams like a car, reduces transportation costs up to 90%, and offers same day delivery. It meets user needs by growing the demand for local shop delivery, providing same-day delivery services to urban areas, and focuses on ground vehicles.

The TeleRetail Delivery Robot has an estimated total length of 58” (147.3 cm), estimated overall width of 28” (71.1 cm), and estimated height of 34” (86.4 cm). TeleRetail Delivery Robots weigh 60 lb (27 kg) and can carry a payload of 77 lb (35 kg). The maximum movement speed of the TeleRetail Delivery Robot is 35 mph (56 km/h).


*Under Development*

34” | 86.4 cm (Estimated)
28” | 71.1 cm (Estimated)
58” | 147.3 cm (Estimated)
60 lb | 27 kg

Max Payload: 77 lb | 35 kg

Max Speed: 35 mph | 56 km/h

Aitonomi TeleRetail


Drawings include:

TeleRetail Delivery Robot side elevation, front, back, top, side (open)

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