Belson Opal Bike Rack

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Belson Opal Bike Rack with height, width, and length measurements

Opal Bike Rack features a minimalistic design that resembles a circle. The design of this bike rack features 2 points to lock the bicycle – at the frame and wheel. Each Opal Bike can hold up to 2 bicycles and can be placed along a specific area to promote bicycle ridership.

The Belson Opal Bike Rack has a length of 25” (63.5 cm), depth of 6” (15.2 cm), and overall height of 27.625” (70.2 cm).

Set of elevation and plan illustrations of the Belson Opal Bike Rack with bicycles


*Under Development*

27.625” | 70.2 cm
6” | 15.2 cm
25” | 63.5 cm


Drawings include:
Belson Opal Bike Rack front elevation, side, plan

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Bicycle Racks, also referred to as bicycle stands or shortened to bike racks, are installed fixtures designed for users to park, secure, and protect bicycles. Typically found in shared public spaces such as parks and city streets, bike racks come in a variety of customized sizes and shapes.