TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet

Measured drawings of the TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet from the side, front, back and plan views

The TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet features one of the most common household toilet forms based on the aesthetics and proportions of earlier household toilets. Two-piece toilets are cost efficient bathroom fixtures that consist of a separate tank and bowl which makes cleaning, installation, and maintenance more difficult than found with a one-piece toilet.

The TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet has a depth of 28” (71 cm), width of 19.5” (49.4 cm), tank height at 28.5” (72.4 cm), and seat height of 15.625” (39.8 cm).


*Under Development*

28.5” | 72.4 cm
19.5” | 49.4 cm
28” | 71 cm
Height (Seat):
15.625” | 39.8 cm


Drawings include:
TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet side elevation, front, plan (open), plan (closed)

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Toilets are bathroom fixtures used for the sanitary collection and disposal of human waste products such as urine and feces. Consisting of a bowl and seat, toilets provide hygienically safe and convenient facilities for relieving ourselves through a variety of disposal methods.