Book | Running Match Wood Veneer

Book Veneer, also referred to as Running Match Veneer, is the most common matching type of veneer, as nine of out ten spliced veneers fall under Book Veneer. Alternating leaves of veneer are turned over, so the adjacent leaves are opened like the pages of a book. A-grade spliced veneer, used in architectural applications and visually prominent features like cabinet doors, typically has to be boot match. Book Veneer creates symmetry and yields maximum continuity of grain, and this type of pattern is usually the most pleasing to the eye.


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Plywood Veneers are the construction materials that are produced from engineered wood and are often favored for their ability to remain stronger and less prone to splitting than hardwood. Plywood Veneers are made from thin layers of wood that are glued together and have their wood grain rotated.

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