Square Brickwork Pattern

In a Square Brickwork Pattern square tiles are laid in a traditional brick pattern. Each tile overlaps the tile above and below by half. The offset grout lines can hide imperfections in tiling, and it is a good way to give an illusion of space and height. The pattern can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


*Under Development*


Wall Tile Sizes:
2” | 51 mm
3” | 76 mm
4” | 102 mm

Floor Tile Sizes:
6” | 15 cm
8” | 20 cm
12” | 30 cm
16” | 41 cm
18” | 46 cm
24” | 61 cm

Shape: Square
Variations: Vertical, horizontal



Drawings include:
Square Brickwork Pattern sample (horizontal), sample (vertical), unit logic

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Tiles, and related pavers, are manufactured repeatable units arranged in various patterns as floor or wall coverings. Crafted with durable materials such as ceramic, clay, metal, stone, wood, and glass, tiles are commonly used where it is desired to have easy to clean and impact resist surfaces.