Door Hand Conventions

Door hand conventions are descriptions used when specifying door hardware, such as door closers and locksets. Door handings are based on viewing the door from the outside (secure/key side) of a space and differ based on the location of the hinges and the direction in which the door opens.


*Under Development*


Left Hand (LH): Hinges on left, door opens into room
Right Hand (RH): Hinges on right, door opens into room
Left Hand Reverse (LHR): Hinges on left, door opens to outside
Right Hand Reverse (RHR): Hinges on right, door opens to outside



Drawings include:
Door Hand Conventions plans

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Door operation refers to the diverse variety of door typologies for closing and securing a space. Designed for a range of buildings from homes, offices, public spaces, and industrial settings, the choice of door operation is essential for controlling the environment and the flow of people.

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