Escalator & Moving Walkway Widths

Illustration of escalator widths of various dimensioned sizes with people for scale

The widths of escalators and moving walkways can be adjusted to meet various demands of pedestrian traffic, use, travel speed, and distance.

Drawings of multiple widths of moving walkways with people with dimensions

When calibrating the appropriate width of an escalator or moving walkway, three standard design widths for use are 24”, 32”, 40” (61, 82, 102 cm). 24” (61 cm) widths are suitable for only one person at a time and are best used when traffic is limited or space is a concern. 32” (82 cm) wide designs offers more flexibility for the users and allow enough space for a second person to pass by. 40” (102 cm) widths provide space for two people and also are wide enough for two lanes of traffic.


*Under Development*


Width (Stairs/Walkway): 24”, 32”, 40” | 61, 82, 102 cm
Width (Deck): 4’, 4’8”, 5’4” | 122, 142, 163 cm
Width (General): 32”, 40”, 48” | 82, 102, 122 cm
Height (Escalator Deck): 3’8” | 112 cm
Height (Walkway Deck): 3’6” | 107 cm



Drawings include:
Escalator widths sections, moving walkway widths sections

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Escalators are continuously circulating motorized stairways that move people between floors of a building. Often used in conjunction with elevators, escalators provide a convenient, efficient, and comfortable means of travel for people needing to ascend or descend through limited sets of levels.

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