Flat Figure Eight Swimming Pools

Trio of Flat Figure Eight Swimming Pool sizes with inward and outward oriented pool steps

The Flat Figure Eight Swimming Pool doesn’t possess the hourglass shape since one side is flat while the other is curved. Nonetheless, the curve point marks the separation point of the shallow and the deep area. The flat side makes it look larger than the Figure Eight Swimming Pool.


*Under Development*


Small: 15’ x 30’ | 4.6m x 9.1m
Medium: 18’ x 36’ | 5.5m x 11m
Large: 21’ x 42’ | 6.4m x 12.8m



Drawings include:
Flat Figure Eight Swimming Pools plans (inward steps), plans (outward steps), plan (person)

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Swimming pools, large structures filled with water, are designed for a variety of uses, including recreation, exercise, and competitive sports. Layout considerations depend on intended usage. Recreational pools might feature shallow ends for children and perhaps a slide or diving board.

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