Crescent Cove Swimming Pools

Pair of dimensioned plan drawings of Crescent Cove Swimming Pools measuring length and width

It may not be like a crescent; nonetheless, the Crescent Cove Swimming Pool looks inviting and something you would want in your backyard. It features cascading steps for easy entry and exit from the pool, an impressive size for swimming and relaxing, as the pool steps, floor, and ledges textured for safety purposes.


*Under Development*


Medium: 16’ x 35’ | 4.9m x 10.7m
Large: 16’ x 40’ | 4.9m x 12.2m



Drawings include:
Crescent Cove Swimming Pools plans (inward steps), plans (outward steps), plan (person)

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Swimming pools are structures designed to hold a body of water for people to swim in as an exercise or leisure activity. Built as either in-ground or above ground pools, swimming pools are often created as public pools, children’s pools, competition pools, hotel pools, or as private pools.

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