Geometric Poufs

Dimensioned illustrations of a Geometric Pouf as seen from the front, side and plan

Poufs can come in a range of versatile geometries—the extreme of which can be exciting new furniture forms such as the octahedron. Geometric poufs add angles, shapes, and surfaces to a space that would often not be found through traditional furniture and seating options. Remaining comfortable and stable enough to sit on, geometrically innovative poufs bring modern style to a room while still serving as great pieces for relaxation.

The Geometric Pouf has equal overall dimensions with a height of 23.5” (60 cm), width of 23.5” (60 cm), and depth of 23.5” (60 cm).


*Under Development*

23.5” | 60 cm
23.5” | 60 cm
23.5” | 60 cm

Shape: Octahedron; square dipyramid

Ferm Living

Drawings include:
Geometric pouf side elevations, plan, side (sitting woman)


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A pouf is a versatile and comfortable furniture piece with multiple functions ranging from seating to being a foot rest, or even a side table depending on the stiffness of the pouf. Poufs are often seen as cushions and used for comfortable and flexible multi-purpose seating.