Gremlins are creatures of folklore, similar to goblins or fairies, famous for causing havoc. Gremlins came to public attention during World War II when they were blamed for technological malfunctions on aircrafts, especially with the Royal Air Force. These Gremlins were typically depicted with spiked backs, sharp teeth, claws, and large eyes. There is also a movie, Gremlins (1984), but these creatures bare little resemblance to the folklore creatures, except for their malicious desire for harm and havoc. In physical appearance, the Gremlins from the movie, Gremlins, resemble a Furby, a popular children’s toy from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Gremlins, as represented in Gremlins (1984), are roughly 24 inches (61 cm) tall.


*Under Development*

24” | 61 cm
Peter Cullen
First Appearance:
Gremlins (1984)


Drawings include:
Gremlin front, front (aggressive), side

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