IKEA Utåker Daybed

Dimensioned drawings of the IKEA Utåker Daybed with height, width, depth and seat height measurements in plan and elevation

The IKEA Utåker Daybed features two beds that can easily become a corner sofa, a single bed, or twin bed. It is made of light frames and ideal for small and efficient spaces. It is suitable for guest sleepovers, yoga and lounging either in the bedroom or living room and for people on the move.

Pair of dimensioned drawings of the IKEA Utåker Daybed in the open position for sleeping purposes

The IKEA Utåker Daybed has an overall height of 18.125” (46 cm), width of 76.75” (195 cm) and depth of 39.375” (100 cm). When separated as two beds, the IKEA Utåker Daybed has an open size of 76.76” x 78.75” (195 x 200 cm).


*Under Development*

18.125” | 46 cm
76.75” | 195 cm
39.375” | 100 cm
Seat Height:
18.125” | 46 cm

Open Size: 76.76” x 78.75” | 195 x 200 cm

Solid pine
Henrik Preutz (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Utåker Daybed front elevation, side, plan, side (open), plan (open)


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A daybed is a furniture piece intended for lounging or napping during the day. Typically located in a living room or common room, daybeds resemble a cross between a sofa and bed and are often made out of metal, wood, or wicker. Daybeds are considered more informal than a traditional sofa or couch.