Lieberman Hall Tree

Set of dimensioned drawings of the Lieberman Hall Tree labeled with height, width, and depth in plan and elevation

Light and airy, but not skimpy on organization features, the Lieberman Hall Tree proves that entryway storage does not need to heavy and space consuming. Framed with powder coated metal, with chestnut-finished wood panels, the Lieberman Hall Tree brings functional storage with a touch of rustic.

The Lieberman Hall Tree has an overall height of 71” (180 cm), width of 40” (102 cm), and depth of 16” (41 cm).


*Under Development*

71” | 180 cm
40” | 102 cm
16” | 41 cm
Steel frame and hooks; wood shelf and bench
Laurel Foundry


Drawings include:
Lieberman Hall Tree front elevation, side, plan

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A hall tree is a furniture piece used to store coats, umbrellas, hats and other types of common outdoor accessories. Hall trees are placed in the foyer or entry of a house, and incorporate a coat rack, hat stand, additional drawers or storage space, and a small bench to sit on while tying shoes.