Coven Hall Tree

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Coven Hall Tree with height, width and depth measurements

The Coven Hall Tree with its gently sloping form appears to lean against the wall it is placed creating a more relaxed tone in the entryway, which can be a space of rushing and stress. The Coven Hall Tree works to minimize that stress, by bringing order to the chaos with a rod for hanging, three shelves for setting, a cabinet for storing, and a mirror for a final makeup check before leaving the house.

The Coven Hall Tree has an overall height of 74.75” (190 cm), width of 35.75” (91 cm), and depth of 15.25” (39 cm).


*Under Development*

74.75” | 190 cm
35.75” | 91 cm
15.25” | 39 cm
Metal structure; solid wood cabinets and shelves
Gracie Oaks


Drawings include:
Coven Hall Tree front elevation, side, plan

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A hall tree is a furniture piece used to store coats, umbrellas, hats and other types of common outdoor accessories. Hall trees are placed in the foyer or entry of a house, and incorporate a coat rack, hat stand, additional drawers or storage space, and a small bench to sit on while tying shoes.