One More Stool

Set of dimensioned drawings of the One More Counter Stool labeled with height, width, and depth in plan and elevation

The One More Stool is a clear, injection molded plastic chair with a tall, supportive medallion shaped back. Philippe Starck’s inspiration for the One More Stool came ten years after designing his iconic Louis Ghost chair, when he was contemplating the pleasure of having a drink at a bar and just needing “one more” drink.

Dimensioned drawings of the barstool size variation of the One More Stool

The One More Stool is available in counter stool and barstool sizes. The One More Counter Stool has an overall height of 39.25” (100 cm), width of 15” (38 cm), depth of 18” (46 cm) and seat height of 18” (46 cm). The taller One More Barstool has an overall height of 43” (109 cm), width of 15” (38 cm), depth of 18” (46 cm) and seat height of 29.5” (75 cm).


*Under Development*

39.25”, 43” | 100, 109 cm
15” | 38 cm
18” | 46 cm
Seat Height:
25.5”, 29.5” | 65, 75 cm
Single-piece injection-molded polycarbonate (transparent)
Philippe Starck


Drawings include:
One More Stools (counter and barstool sizes) front elevation, side, plan


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Stools are a piece of furniture that consist of a single seat for one person and a base of one or multiple legs. Traditionally, stools were differentiated from chairs by their lack of a back, but modern variations and definitions of stools may now include designs with arms and backs.