Moen Vitalize Spray Head Rainshower - 7”

Set of dimensioned drawings of the Moen Vitalize Spray Head Rainshower (7”) labeled with height and diameter

The Moen Vitalize Spray Head Rainshower (7”) is a one-function rainshower with a diameter that gives off exceptional water coverage. The rainshower has a durable finish and faucets exceptionally designed to balance the water pressure during use. A Moen immersion rainshower technology ensures that water is channelled through the showerhead three times more than other rain showers.

The Moen Vitalize Spray Head Rainshower (7”) has a diameter of 7” (17.8 cm), height of 2.75” (7 cm), and flow rate of 2.5 gpm (9.5 L/min).


*Under Development*

2.75” | 7 cm
7” | 17.8 cm

Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm | 9.5 L
Type: Rainshower



Drawings include:
Moen Vitalize Spray Head Rainshower (7”) front elevation, side, plan


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Shower heads are overhead bath fixtures that direct the flow of water through perforated nozzles. Paired with water catching bathing fixtures such as the shower pan or collecting fixtures such as the bathtub, shower heads work in conjunction with valves to control the temperature and flow of water.