IKEA Stormvind 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Set of dimensioned drawings of the IKEA Stormvind 3-Blade Ceiling Fan with height and diameter in plan and elevation

The IKEA Stormvind 3-blade ceiling fan an indoor fan that is available in 3 different rotation speeds. The design of the fan also incorporates reversible blades. One side of the blades is white and the other has a printed wood pattern. The fan provides a sleek appearance, and has an LED light.

The IKEA Stormvind 3-Blade Ceiling Fan has a height of 16” (40.6 cm) and diameter of 52” (132.1 cm).


*Under Development*

16” | 40.6 cm
52” | 132.1 cm
52” | 132.1 cm
15 lb | 6.8 kg

Power: 78 W

Fiberboard blades; polycarbonate shade; steel ceiling; brass chain; zinc bracket
David Wahl (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Stormvind 3-Blade Ceiling Fan side elevation, plan

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A ceiling fan is an electrically powered mechanical fan that is mounted on the ceiling of a space. Unlike air conditioners, fans do not change the air temperature, but instead use hub-mounted rotating blades to move the still and hot air of a room with various speeds of movement.