One-Way Concrete Joist Slab Floor System

Section drawing of a One-Way Concrete Joist Slab Floor System measuring typical floor heights and floor depths


*Under Development*


Span (Conventional): 10’-40’ | 3.05-12.19 m
Span (Post-Tensioned): 27’-80’ | 8.23-24.38 m
Slab Depth: 9.0”-25.0” | 22.9-63.5 cm
Slab Depth (Formula): Span/24
Column Size: 12.0”-30.0” | 30.5-76.2 cm

Pan Width: 20.0”-30.0” | 51-76 cm
Pan Depth: 6.0”-20.0” | 15-51 cm

Floor to Floor Height: 10’-16’ | 3.05-4.88 m



Drawings include:
One-Way Concrete Joist Slab Floor System plan, section, isometric

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Concrete floor systems are reinforced slab structures designed to satisfy a range of loading and span conditions in a building. Concrete floor systems are designed to span in either one direction (one-way) or both directions (two-way) of a structural bay.

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