Round - California King Bed

Size comparison illustration comparing the size of the a Round California King Bed in relation to other similar bed sizes

The Round California King Bed is spacious enough for two people and a pet to sleep on and is larger than the standard California King Bed. It is comfortable to handle and spacious, ideal for those with luxury homes, for those that want to replace their regular California King Bed, or for those that want to add a more playful style and functionality to their living areas.

Round California King Beds have an overall diameter of 96” (244 cm) with an overall area of 50.3 ft2 (4.67 m2). Round California King Beds typically have mattress thicknesses in the range of 10”-12” (25.4-30.5 cm).


*Under Development*

96” | 244 cm
10”-12” | 25.4-30.5 cm
96” | 244 cm


Drawings include:
Round California King Bed plan, plan (people)

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Beds are furniture pieces that are used for sleeping or reclined relaxing. Bed mattresses have evolved over time from being stuffed with straw, wool, and leaves to quilted metal spring frameworks, water beds, portable air-filled mattresses and modern memory foam mattresses.