U-Shape Management Workstation | Cubicle

U-Shape management cubicles are private room workstations for managerial employees with increased work surfaces and storage. The U-Shape cubicle plan trades mobility and flexibility for additional desk space.

The U-Shape Management Workstation has a width of 96" (244 cm), length of 96" (244 cm), and requires a total area of 64 ft2 (5.9 m2).


*Under Development*

96" | 244 cm
96" | 244 cm

Benefits: Private room, increased storage, square module



Drawings include:
U-Shape Management Workstation | Cubicle plan, plan (office worker)

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Office workstations, or cubicles, are standardized workplace fixtures that partition open office spaces into smaller rooms for one or several workers to focus on their specific work tasks. Cubicles are designed for privacy, sound-proofing, isolation, and to decrease visual distractions at work.