Collection of drawings of Santa's Sleigh measured with overall height and length

Santa’s Sleigh is Santa’s most important piece of equipment. In the run up to Christmas, Santa’s elves help load the sleigh with presents for every boy and girl in the world (the ones who celebrate Christmas), making sure they are secure and in the correct order for delivery. They rein up Santa’s twelve magical reindeer to pull the sleigh, so on Christmas Eve night, Santa can ride the sleigh into the sky. The sleigh is led by the reindeer Rudolph, who has a bright red nose that lights up their way.

Santa’s Sleigh is 6’ (1.83 m) tall with an overall length of 28’8” (8.75 m).


*Under Development*

6’ | 1.83 m
28’8” | 8.75 m

Writer: Clement Clarke Moore

First Appearance:
1823 (A Visit from St Nicholas)


Drawings include:
Santa’s Sleigh side (flying)


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Holiday characters are part of our specific holiday celebrations. They originate from mythology, folk stories or contemporary pop culture. Santa Claus, a Christmas holiday character, first appeared in central European folklore as the character of Saint Nicholas.