Steinway Grand Piano - Model D

Dimensioned plan and elevation drawings of the Steinway Grand Piano (Model D) with dimensions for width and length

Built by Steinway and Sons in 1884, the Model D Piano is an excellent choice for most pianists and is proudly featured in places such as concert halls. Unlike before, where the Model D was common with institutions and music schools, today, more people have them within private homes for entertaining guests with a more intimate performance and setting. Musicians love this piano because of its spine-tingling timbre and majestic size. The Model D piano is used as a musical tool for performance and public entertainment in international concerts, galleries, or to benefit a local cultural community.

The Steinway Grand Piano (Model D) has a height of 77" (196 cm), width of 61.75" (156 cm), and length of 107.75" (274 cm).


*Under Development*

61.75” | 156 cm
107.75” | 274 cm
990 lb | 480 kg

Classification: Concert Grand
Top of Key Height: 28.125” | 71.5 cm



Drawings include:
Steinway Grand Piano Model D side elevation, font, side (pianist), plan


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The piano is a musical string and percussion instrument utilized in classical and contemporary music genres. Invented around the year 1700, the piano draws inspiration from the harpsichord and the clavichord. A piano has a minimum of 88 keys; 52 white or natural keys and 36 black or accidental keys.