Stroudsburg Jewelry Armoire

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Stroudsburg Jewelry Armoire with height, width and depth measurements

A classical, decorative piece with a scalloped apron and carved corner accents, the Stroundsburg Jewelry Armoire is sure to impress any jewelry collector with a taste for the timeless. Fit for a queen, and definitely for a master suite or finishing a vanity setup, the Stroundsburg Jewelry Armoire has seven drawers, two swing doors, and flip up mirror.

The Stroudsburg Jewelry Armoire has an overall height of 37” (94 cm), width of 13.5” (34 cm), and depth of 10” (25 cm).


*Under Development*

37” | 94 cm
13.5” | 34 cm
10” | 25 cm
Rubberwood; metal knobs
Alcott Hill


Drawings include:
Stroudsburg Jewelry Armoire front elevation, side, plan


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A jewelry armoire is a tall freestanding furniture piece used to organize and store jewelry. Jewelry armoires are typically placed in bedrooms or closets, and are larger versions of their more compact cohort; the jewelry box.