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Side chairs are a versatile and practical furniture item that is easy to move and rearrange. By definition, side chairs are single person chairs that do not have arms. Side chairs come in a large variety of styles, materials, and shapes and are common for most environments—including cafes, restaurants, homes, and offices. Because of their flexibility, functionality, and often playful forms, side chairs are great opportunities to add a fun and useful accent to a space.

What is a side chair?

Side chairs are armless chairs with frames that are not completely upholstered. Because side chairs are typically easy to move and are manufactured with a large variety of styles and materials, side chairs are practical furniture items that are often used as dining chairs.

How tall is the seat of a side chair?

The seat height of a side chair is based on the common ergonomic dimensions of an adult and are typically designed in the range of 16.5”-19” (42-48 cm).

How wide are side chairs?

Side chairs are designed with a diverse variety of styles and materials, but the width of a side chair is commonly established between 16.5”-22” (42-56 cm).

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Side Chairs | Dining Chairs