Toilet Clearances

Drawings of Toilet Clearances illustrated in side elevation and plan with dimensions

Clearances around toilets and water closets (WCs) can be measured from the face of the fixture or from its center line and are used to best service the toilet user.

Minimum clearances between the face of the toilet fixture and the wall or nearest obstruction element are at least 24” (61 cm)* but are recommended to be 36” (91 cm). Accessories such as toilet paper dispensers should be within reach of the user and their center points should be around 30” (76 cm) from the floor and no further than 12” (30.5 cm) away from the face of the water closet. *This minimum is only for utility/private water closets and are not acceptable for meeting public accessibility standards.


*Under Development*

Height (Seat):

To front obstruction (minimum): 24” | 61 cm
To front obstruction (recommended): 36” | 91 cm
To side wall (from face): 12” | 30.5 cm min.
To side wall (from center): 22” | 56 cm min.
Toilet paper from floor: 30” | 76 cm
Toilet paper reach (from face): 12” | 30.5 cm



Drawings include:
Toilet Clearances side elevation, plan

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Toilets are bathroom fixtures used for the sanitary collection and disposal of human waste products such as urine and feces. Consisting of a bowl and seat, toilets provide hygienically safe and convenient facilities for relieving ourselves through a variety of disposal methods.