Pair of drawings with dimensions of a Treadmill with runner in side elevation and plan view

Treadmills are pieces of exercise equipment where a user can run, jog, or walk on a flat or inclined surface while physically remaining in the same place. Treadmills are comprised of a wide conveyer belt that is commonly driven at configurable speeds by an electric power motor. Because treadmills are flexible and efficient workouts for use in public gyms or privately at home, the treadmill remains the best selling fixture of exercise equipment for sale.

Treadmills vary among the features that they provide, but their dimensions are commonly 81” (206 cm) long, 34” (86 cm) wide, with a height of 55” (140) cm.


*Under Development*

55” | 140 cm
34” | 86 cm
81” | 206 cm

Height (Surface): 10” | 25 cm



Drawings include:
Treadmill side elevation, plan, side (running woman)


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Exercise equipment, or exercise machines, refers to devices used during exercise to augment physical activity by providing either fixed or adjustable forms of resistance. Exercise machines range from simple weight machines that use gravity, to computerized machines with performance tracking tools.