Exercise Bicycles

Dimensioned front and side elevation drawings of a standard Exercise Bicycle with people

An exercise bicycle, or stationary bicycle, exercise bike, spinning bike, or exercycle, is a fundamental piece of exercise equipment for use at the gym, spin class, or at home. Constructed as a machine that transfers the proportions of an ordinary bicycle into a stationary format, exercise bicycles today have transformed through the incorporation of mechanisms and monitors for added resistance settings and performance tracking for more targeted workouts. The low-impact design of an exercise bicycle has made it popular for general fitness exercise, endurance, weight loss, physical therapy, and indoor training for cycling events.


*Under Development*

18"-26" | 46-66 cm
35"-48" | 89-122 cm
25"-30" | 64-76 cm

Aisle Clearance: 30" | 76 cm minimum



Drawings include:
Exercise Bicycle side elevation, side (person), front, front (person)


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Exercise equipment, or exercise machines, refers to devices used during exercise to augment physical activity by providing either fixed or adjustable forms of resistance. Exercise machines range from simple weight machines that use gravity, to computerized machines with performance tracking tools.