Vella Leather Desk

Collection of dimensioned drawings of the Vella Leather Desk with measurements for desk width, height, and depth

The Vella Leather Desk is a slender-lined leather covered steel frame desk. Designed by Michele di Fonzo in 2013, the Vella Leather Desk combines a work surface with the leather traditions of fashion and luggage design into a uniquely wrapped desk that uses leather to emphasize the beauty of the structure and the quality of the surface.

The Vella Leather Desk has a width of 59.25” (150.5 cm), depth of 31.5” (80 cm), and overall height of 28.75” (73 cm).

What is the Vella Leather Desk?
The Vella Leather Desk is a slender-lined leather-wrapped steel frame desk designed by Michele di Fonzo (2013).
How big is the Vella Leather Desk?
The Vella Leather Desk is 59.25” (150.5 cm) wide and 31.5” (80 cm) deep with an overall area of 13 ft2 (1.2 m2).
What is the work surface height of the Vella Leather Desk?
The Vella Leather Desk has a leather covered work surface set at a height of 28.75” (73 cm) from the floor.


*Under Development*

28.75” | 73 cm
59.25” | 151 cm
31.5” | 80 cm
Steel frame; MDF top; leather cover
Michele di Fonzo


Drawings include:
Vella Leather Desk front elevation, front (objects), side, plan

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