IKEA Solgul Cradle

Set of plan and elevation drawings of the IKEA Solgul Cradle with measurements

The IKEA Solgul Cradle is a baby cradle inspired by older cribs that you can either set in a fixed position or to sway left and right. Its size and height is excellent for infants and will enable you to move it back and forth or roll the cot to snug a baby to sleep. Since it is easy to move around, you can put the IKEA Solgul Cradle in nurseries or a bedroom—close to your bed for an easy reach of your baby in the night. There are no drawers underneath the cradle, but the most significant advantage comes in the ability to stretch out your arms over the cradle and reach down to the mattress.

The IKEA Solgul Cradle has an overall height of 20.875" (53 cm), width of 26" (66 cm), and length of 33.125" (84 cm). A bed width of 19.625" (50 cm) and length of 31.875" (81 cm) should be used with the IKEA Solgul Cradle.


*Under Development*

20.875” | 53 cm
26” | 66 cm
33.125” | 84 cm

Bed Length: 31.875” | 81 cm
Bed Width: 19.625” | 50 cm

Solid beech frame and rails; fiberboard ends; molded plywood base


Drawings include:
IKEA Solgul Cradle front elevation, side, plan, front (person holding baby)


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A crib, or an infant bed, is a small enclosed bed for a baby or small child to sleep in. Since the early 20th century, cribs have been enclosed and elevated from the ground to protect an infant from the elements. Cribs are commonly rectangular in shape with a small mattress placed at the bottom.