IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed

Collection of drawings of the IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed with dimensions for height, clearance, length and width

The IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed is a set of simple stacked lacquered bed frames that can be disconnected as two separate single beds. Designed by Henrik Preutz for IKEA as a flexible and clean-lined sleeping solution with a ladder that can be mounted on either side, the IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed is convenient for limited living spaces.

The IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed is designed for twin mattresses and has a length of 77 3/4” (198 cm), width of 40 1/8” (102 cm), and height of 63” (160 cm).


*Under Development*

63.0” | 160 cm
40.125” | 102 cm
77.75” | 198 cm
Clearance Below:
27.75” | 71 cm

Max Weight Load: 220 lb | 100 kg
Bed Size: Twin

Solid pine structure; fiberboard panels; steel support rail
Henrik Preutz (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Norddal Bunk Bed front elevation, front (children), side, plan


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Bunk Beds are common types of bed systems made up of two or more beds stacked on top of each other. Efficiently utilizing the unused vertical space above the same area occupied by a single bed, bunk beds are structured to safely support two people sleeping simultaneously.