IKEA Mackapär Shoe Rack

Elevation and plan drawings of the IKEA Mackapär Shoe Rack with dimensions for height, width, and depth

The IKEA Mackapär Shoe Rack is a plain, dependable and straightforward shoe rack. Designer Eva Lilja Löwenhielm used powder-coated steel to create a stackable shoe rack to display shoes and other household items. This shoe rack is ideal for maintaining an organized space within an entryway or bedroom. Together with other items form IKEA's Mackapär collection, the IKEA Mackapär Shoe Rack is an essential affordable option for organizing shoes.

Front elevation drawing combining multiple IKEA Mackapär Shoe Racks into a larger shoe rack

The IKEA Mackapär Shoe Rack has an overall height of 15.75” (40 cm), width of 30.75” (78 cm), and depth of 12.625” (32 cm).


*Under Development*

15.75” | 40 cm
30.75” | 78 cm
12.625” | 32 cm
Powder coated steel
Eva Lilja Löwenhielm (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Mackapär Shoe Rack front elevation, front (shoes and person), side, plan

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A shoe rack is a furniture piece or built-in storage unit which keeps pairs of shoes together and organized. Shoe racks are commonly found in an entry foyer, vestibule, or closet of a home. For cleanliness, a shoe rack can be used to dry wet shoes and to prevent dirt from being brought into a home.