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Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs are recreational facilities offering memberships to the public in exchange for access to a variety of workout equipment, fitness classes, and other health related programing. Aside from safety, gym layouts are most often determined by the type of training that will be offered to clientele. Higher end gyms tend to have more open layouts with amenities such as snack bars, pools, private courts, and more to create a relaxed atmosphere that resembles a health club. Budget gyms focus on the optimization of floorspace, aiming to accommodate as many guests at a time as possible.

How do you design a home gym?

A home gym should be designed with space for both a variety of equipment and workout routines in mind. A home gym should include a full length mirror, if not multiple, so one can monitor form and should be conscious of light and color as brightness energizes the mind. Rubber mats can be used for floor protection and noise reduction. A sound system is also an important motivational tool for a home gym.

How should you design a gym for geriatrics?

Equipment, layout, and means of operation are important factors to consider when designing a gym for geriatrics. Focus should be on the quality of the exercise equipment rather than a wide variety as the elderly are more vulnerable to physical injury. Programs (and space for them) such as the integration of games, cognitive exercises, and options for both individual and group exercises is important.

What factors should you consider when designing a fitness center?

A fitness center has to accommodate clearances for the exercise equipment and as such, must have a floor to ceiling height of at least 12 feet. Other elements to be implemented include: padded surfaces, impact-resistant walls, and mirrored walls to prevent risk of injury. The interior should include durable finishes that provide ease of maintenance. Air circulation is a major factor, not only in ensuring the flow of air throughout the center but also controlling humidity and preventing the spread of unwanted odors from gym members.

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