Apple iMac G5 - 20” (2004)

Pair of scaled drawings of the Apple iMac G5 - 20” (2004) from the back and plan views

The Apple iMac G5 20" is the larger variation desktop computer designed by Apple and was sold from August 2004 to March 2006. It was the last iMac to use the PowerPC processor making it the last model that could run Mac OS 9. The Apple iMac G5 is enclosed in white polycarbonate, has a widescreen display, and originally came with 256 MB of memory.

Its introduction caused it to become the world’s thinnest desktop computer with a depth of 2 inches. It integrates the entire computer into a flat panel display. The iMac G5 redefined the design of the standard desktop computer.

Illustrations of the Apple iMac G5 - 20” (2004) with included keyboard and mouse

The Apple iMac G5 20” (2004) has a height of 18.6” (47.2 cm), width of 19.4” (49.3 cm), depth of 7.4” (18.9 cm), and weighs 25.2 lb (11.4 kg). The screen size is 20” (50.8 cm) with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 px.


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18.6” | 47.2 cm
19.4” | 49.3 cm
7.4” | 18.9 cm
Display Size:
20” | 50.8 cm
1680 x 1050 px
25.2 lb | 11.4 kg

Discontinued: May 3, 2005

160 GB
August 31, 2004


Drawings include:
Apple iMac G5 - 20” (2004) front elevation, back, side, plan, views with mouse and keyboard


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The Apple iMac family is a line of desktop computers known for their unique all-in-one design. Originally introduced in 1998 by Apple Inc, the iMac has become Apple’s primary consumer computing option and is comfortably used in both home and work environments.