Sega Saturn Controller - Model 2

Dimensioned drawings of the Sega Saturn Controller - Model 2 with height, width, and depth labeled in elevation views

The Sega Saturn Controller Model 2 is a control pad made for the Sega Saturn console previously released in 1994. It evolved from the Sega Mega Drive Six Button Control Pad and also referred to as the controller by North American users.

It spots an additional two shoulder buttons which were not available in its predecessor, and subsequent upgrades had 3D control pads included to respond to Nintendo 64’s analog joystick. The Sega Saturn Controller Model 2 is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort and use and came in original models for users in distinct parts of the world.

The Sega Saturn Controller Model 2 has a height of 3.39” (86 mm), width of 6.1” (155 mm), depth of 1.8” (45.7 mm), and approximate weight of 9.6 oz (.27 kg).


*Under Development*

3.39” | 86 mm
6.1” | 155 mm
1.8” | 45.7 mm
9.6 oz | .27 kg


Drawings include:
Sega Saturn Controller Model 2 front elevation, top, side

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Video game controllers, also known as gamepads, are handheld input accessories used to interact with video game consoles. Consisting of sets of buttons, game controllers typically include a directional button, right buttons, shoulder bumpers, and central assistive buttons for controlling game menus.

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