Apple Mac Pro (2019)

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Apple Mac Pro (2019) measuring width, depth, and height

The Apple Mac Pro (2019) is a high-performance tower workstation computer that combines flexibility with power for professional users. To be released in fall 2019, Apple’s latest Mac Pro (2019) is the third redesign of the Mac Pro family since the line was first released in 2006. The Apple Mac Pro (2019) has been designed with an exterior aluminum shell shaped with large perforations for maximum cooling and includes a top handle for easy transportation. Because the Apple Mac Pro (2019) is a tower only it must be paired with a computer monitor such as the Apple Pro Display XDR.

Combination plan view drawing of the Apple Mac Pro (2019) with the Apple Pro Display XDR (2019) and accessories

The Apple Mac Pro (2019) has a height of 20.8” (52.9 cm), width of 8.58” (21.8 cm), depth of 17.7” (45 cm), and weighs 39.7 lb (18 kg). The Apple Mac Pro (2019) was released in 2019.


*Under Development*

20.8” | 52.9 cm
8.58” | 21.8 cm
17.7” | 45 cm
39.7 lb | 18 kg



Drawings include:
Apple Mac Pro (2019) side elevation, front, back, plan, plan (with Apple Pro Display XDR and accessories), front (person and desk)


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